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About us

  Production facilities

A manufacturing site with a total floor space of 40,000 m2. Two factories – steel and aluminium – equipped with sophisticated technology: welding robots, CNC machines etc.

Product research

The in house Creation & Design Engineering department, uses Cam and Cad to ensure continuous product monitoring and improvement.

Materials and standards

Aluminium profile: EN AW 6060 - BS EN 573-3.
Plexichoc glazing: transparent organic UV- blocking glazing material with good shock resistance ISO 7032-2.
Security glass: tempered glass BS EN 12150-1.
Aluminium posts: EN AW 6106, EN AW 6060 and EN AW 6063 - EN 755-2, providing high mechanical strength.

Surface treatment

Anodising: an electro-chemical treatment resulting in a 15 μ thick protective surface coating of aluminium oxide.


Wet paint: liquid polyurethane paint, pistol sprayed on a stripping compound base layer to 30 μ, oven-baked at 80 - 100° C.
Powder coating: polyester powder, applied by spraying to 60 μ, oven-baked at 160 - 180°C.
RAL: numbered colour chart created by RAL (a German organisation). We offer the colours most widely used for poster display cases. RAL colours cannot be reproduced on print exactly. Please use a RAL colour code register to make your choice.

Electrical compliance

Illuminated poster display cases and light boxes comply with European directive CE/73/23 and BS EN 60-598.


Packaging is of high quality to ensure that you receive goods in perfect condition. The packaging used is specific to the nature of the product – cardboard boxes, banding on pallets, cloth sheathes, cardboard tubing etc.

Poster case sizes

Dimensions are expressed in millimetres. Also quoted is the size of the sheet which the poster case can comfortably display.