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  The qualities of Vitincom® poster display cases

Using meticulous manufacturing and design techniques, Vitincom® poster display cases are of exceptionally high quality. The majority of products in this catalogue benefit from the following key features:

Indoor display cases:

Modern, original and effective whilst remaining within a very acceptable price range..

Outdoor display cases:

safe and secure, both traditional and modular. All outdoor products include the following features:

  • Wear-resistant, warp-proof integrated hinge.
  • “Safety” lock manufactured exclusively for Vitincom®, tamperproof with the latch unseen from the outside.
  • 100% of the display surface made visible by the lock being positioned on the aluminium frame and not on the glass.
  • Easy to use: press hinge doors to easily open them towards yourself
  • Should there be damage or vandalism, doors are easily replaceable without the need for tools and without removing the poster display.
  • Reversible door, (right-opening on delivery, can be easily changed to left-opening without the need for tools).
  • Elastomer seal and anti-condensation vents.

Depth of Vitincom® poster display cases

The depths are shown using pictograms: 

  • If your main objective is to inform, a poster display case of shallow depth would suffice.
  • Should you wish to add a decorative touch, choose a poster case with more depth. The greater the depth of the poster display case, the more impact it makes.

Vitincom® poster display cases on posts

Should your wall surface be inadequate for display needs, Vitincom® offers the answer for both indoor and outdoor poster display cases.
  • Tubular post with pentapod (star-foot), with or without wheels.
  • Display stands
  • 60 x 40 aluminium posts and 60 x 40 PLUS aluminium posts
  • Oblong 80 x 125 Quatro and Quatro PLUS aluminium posts

Illuminated poster display cases and light boxes

The electrical wiring must be installed by a qualified person to comply with applicable safety regulations. The cable exit is not predefined in order that the installer may choose the most suitable position.

LED lighting kits make the reading of documents inside display cases easier in dark places or at night. They are particularly energy efficient and benefit from an exceptionally long life expectancy.
Warning! LED kits are not intended for advertising lightning; to light up big size advertising posters, the use of a light box is recommended.

Electrical components in light boxes are factory fitted and comply with European directive CE/73/23 and BS EN 60-598.